Sheffield Bed and Breakfast

Sheffield is both a City and Metropolitan Borough in the county of South Yorkshire in the Yorkshire and the Humber region of England.

Although the area that is now Sheffield has been variously inhabited from the ice-age to the Anglo-Saxons, the current city results from the Norman Castle built at the time of the Norman Conquest in the 11th century.

It was originally built to guard against trouble from the small regional settlements. Although the castle is now a ruin, its erstwhile position can be directly related to the centre of the modern city which is Castle Market. The ruins can still be visited as they exist beneath the market.

Once the fortification was built, a small market town developed. From this, the area grew steadily and by the 14th century was well known for the production of quality knives. This reputation continued to grow and by the beginning of the 17th century the town was synonymous with the highest standard of cutlery in the country. From this strong industry many innovations occurred. The crucible steel process was discovered in Sheffield, as was stainless steel.

By the time of the Industrial Revolution, the city was ripe for expansion. The local steel industry greatly facilitated growth and the increased population necessitated the improvement of the infrastructure.

From contemporary architectural design buildings with four-star luxury to the quaint appeals of beautifully restored listed buildings with a family run atmosphere, there is a Sheffield Bed and Breakfast to suit every type of trip and budget. Many establishments are conveniently located for those wishing to take advantage of the area's nature and leisure activities.

B&B rooms range from a thrifty £30 a night to upwards of £50 for a bit of extra luxury. If you've left booking late there's no need for worry since many places offer late deals. A Sheffield Bed and Breakfast on our site will be sure to meet your expectations of a restful night's sleep and a hearty meal to break your fast.